Extraordinary results are achieved with extraordinary teams and leaders.


We develop transformational programs for both leaders and their teams.

We work with leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, helping individual, team and business growth.

To get results faster, we design tailor-made Development programs that combine executive & team coaching with workshops and skill training.

The learning and knowledge that comes from training combined with the coaching process means that the knowledge learned is applied immediately and with commitment and therefore delivering accelerating results.

The business grows and develops as the leader and the team grow from a personal and professional point of view.

At GA BUSINESS CONSULTING we promote the ideal environment for this flourishing by adding an essential element - team building actions.

A high performance team is a cohesive, synergistic team (where 1 +1 = 3), and which learns from “mistakes”, the so-called learning team. It is also a Team of 5 C’s, where there is:

  1. a Clear shared vision;
  2. Cooperation between the elements;
  3. Commitment;
  4. Confidence between and in everyone; and
  5. effective Communication.

To the tailor-made programs that combine skills development, we add team building actions with a specific purpose, real experiences - out of the box - that will forever mark your team! Find out more about how GA Business Consulting can make a difference.


"Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships."

Let's talk, and see how best we can help!