GA Business Cpnsulting

"Knowledge speaks.
Wisdom listens.
Action wins."

49 Million

B2B business management of 49.8 million euros, with growth of 36.8% and operational cost reduction of 20%.

500 K

Creation and management of sales structure in telemarketing: sales volume of over 500,000.00 euros in 3 years.

4 Million

Marketing budget management: 4 million euros.

20 K

Creation and development of commercial & institutional magazine:  20,000 copies published.


Our priority is to listen to you - whether you are a manager, business owner, entrepreneur - we can collaborate with you to design a tailor-made program to successfully achieve the results you want.

We operate in 5 areas to take your business to the next level. We have the flexibility to design your program within one of our 5 areas or concentrate on what is most needed, combining knowledge and tools from the different areas, accompanying you every step of the way towards success.

“Success isn’t something that just happens – success is learned, success is practiced and then it is shared.”

-George Lee “Sparky” Anderson



"Graça puts passion into everything she does and always works to reach her goals." 

Luís Cardoso

Innovation Director, WEN Liberty Mutual Group

"Graça is a great example to me, not only because of the moral values that guide her behavior, but also because of her determination when facing challenges and projects, which, given these great qualities, are always destined for success." 

Paulo Amaral

Director STCP

"When I first contacted Graça to work with my team I was betting on a Hail Mary pass. The team blamed one of its members for the tension and refused to believe this could be improved. Graça advised me on the strategy to follow and worked with the team to implement it. She was fast and intuitive in picking up the key tension points and worked effectively to help the team resolve and deal with this difficult issues. Within 3 months I had the team back on board, empowered by the challenge it has managed to overcame and motivated to improve further. The results are so good I asked Graça to continue working with the team, and so have no doubt to recommend Graça as a Team Coach." 

Nuno Santos Fernandes

Entrepreneur, Pet Care Industry Innovator

"I have known Graça Amaral for more than a decade and there are many characteristics that I can identify, which will always lead to projects that develop to levels of excellence. I would highlight her delivery and professionalism, she is always looking for solutions, even if it is mission impossible. She is always ready to think out of the box and she won’t consider incomplete solutions. Her tenacity, versatility and total openness to dialogue is the way to reach solutions and maintain longterm partnerships. Graça Amaral is and always will be a woman of commitments. Thank you Graça for all your commitment and professionalism throughout the various projects that you have developed. Without you, these results and these successes would not be achieved." 

Paulo Marques

Sales & Marketing Diretor Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Portugal

"Graça Amaral is a very competent professional who puts passion in everything she does. With superlative dedication and commitment, she develops each project with a sense of mission and duty. I had the privilege of working with Graça and seeing her work method. Nothing is left to chance."

Manuela Pereira

Senior Business Consultant / Talent Management / Corporate Training

"Working with Graça Amaral brought me principles that I apply to my company on a daily basis: the search for ambitious goals, the clear definition of objectives, the" going to get strength from my resources "in the most difficult moments, the firmness in decision making and above all the celebration of victories, whether individual, team, professional or personal, because life and work deserve to be celebrated!"

Fábio Vasques

CEO Galante Vasques Luxury Tourism

"It was a pleasure to work with Graça. Balanced, honest, competent, and always correct even in times of stress. Excellent at consolidating different needs and reaching consensus."

Elsa Graça

Executive Board Member do Nedbank (Banco Único)

"As an entrepreneur, the challenges are constant and multidisciplinary. Since I count on the Business Mentoring Support from GA Business Consulting, I achieved in 3 months what it took me years to idealize. More clarity, performance triggers, personal and strategic management and an immense strength of networking. Undoubtedly my best investment to date."

Gil Correira


"Nothing in life is achieved without attitude, commitment, team spirit, dedication, positivity, and hard work, which is how Graça Amaral can be characterized." 

Vítor Peixe

 Senior Consultant

"Graça is one of the most perseverant people I have ever met and possesses an enormous amount of dynamism to find new solutions for business development." 

João Manique

Key Account Liberty Seguros

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