"My mission is to empower and enable leaders and teams to increase sales and communicate successfully, with a focus on results."

Graça Amaral started her professional activity in 1995 having consolidated her Management, Marketing & Communication skills, as well as her expertise in Sales, Business to Business and Development of high performance teams.

For 14 years she held positions as Marketing Director and Business to Business Director, in an American multinational company. She has worked on projects for national and international companies in various sectors: finance, hospitality, tourism, cosmetics, consultancy and communication, advertising, retail, automotive and human development, among others.

She has solid experience in creating and successfully implementing new projects, business areas and departments, as well as in the formation and development of high performance teams.

She has a degree in management from the Porto Faculty of Economics, and a post-graduate qualification in Marketing and international business standards. Her academic portfolio includes executives courses at prestigious international institutions such as the IMD, INSEAD, Stanford University and AESE.

Graça Amaral is passionate about life, the desire to learn and grow continuously and is determined to inspire the growth of those around her. She embraces challenges with perseverance, curiosity and is always focused on results.

She is the founder GA Business Consulting which has as a mission to empower and train leaders and teams to increase sales and to communicate successfully, focusing on results.
Management & International Business
Marketing & Communication
B2B2C Business
High Performance Team Development

We live more than ever in an unprecedented dynamic, complex and uncertain business environment.

We are experiencing an exceptional period of technological, social, political, economic and environmental changes that represent challenges and opportunities for companies, for businesses, for leaders and their teams.
At GA BUSINESS CONSULTING our priority is to listen to you - whether you are a manager, business owner, entrepreneur - we can collaborate with you to design a program to successfully achieve the results you want.