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Our Design Thinking & Creativity for Business area is intended to be a catalyst for innovation in your business, by focusing on 3 fundamental characteristics in today's business environment: being user-centric, creative and agile.

We help you to rethink and redesign your business model, the products and services you offer, taking it to a new level.

Why is it so important in the current context to offer an excellent customer service experience?

Because for a company to remain competitive, survive the current moment and even grow (14% of companies grow in times of crisis), they have to build long-lasting relationships with their customers, that is, have a culture centered on the Customer.

A shock such as that of the Covid-19 pandemic may imply changes in consumer behavior. In this context, it is vital to rethink the business model considering changes in consumer behavior - where they are spending their time and money - and the way the company creates and delivers value, and with whom it forms partnerships.

And it's here that GA Business Consulting's Design Thinking area makes a difference by applying a methodology that allows:

Mapping the journey of your client's experience, revealing moments of frustration and pleasure through interactions with the service, raising opportunities to overcome the client's pain points in the process, and, finally, differentiating your company, exposing you to new opportunities to provide additional value to customers.

We want to be your partner and take your business to a new level by:

  • rebalancing the value proposition;
  • redesigning your business model;
  • assessing changes in market behavior;
  • motivating change in organizational culture;
  • measuring and solving challenges that affect different stakeholders and multiple systems.

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